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There is no one size fits all in education. Every learners are unique from itself. To better serve you, feel free to choose the right plan for you. Give us a call so that we can better guide and assess your technical background for us to be able to help you identify your appropriate level cohort.

Pricing plans for different tracks

Our courses are crafted to help all, Unemployed/Underemployed, women, minorities and career changers that are absolute beginner, no technical skills, and/or no college background to master the fundamentals of Software Testing, Industry Standard Skills in Testing in Agile and the different current Tools being used to be able to qualify them for full-time or part-time Entry Level Manual Software Tester or Quality Assurance Analyst.

Absolute Beginner - No technical or college background

Career Changer - with technical and college background

Upskilling - intermediate to advanced Software Testing Skills

Our program is a comprehensive and intensive approach to Software Testing with Industry Standards skills as outlined by ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) intended for absolute beginner, no technical skills and/or no college background. The methods of teaching will be mixture lectures, hands-on live and real project exercises, simulations, and active role-playing.

Answering your common questions

American Software Testing Institute compiled the most commonly asked questions related to our course offerings. We are doing are best to provide you the best possible updated answer as we can. 

It has a lot of definitions. This are learners  that has no basic knowledge in Computer Technology; that has no college degree; no coding experiences; and never been into Software Testing industry.

We interchangeably uses the term Absolute Beginner to No Technical Background since both pertains to a category that learners do not possess deep understanding to computer technology and software development.

It is imperative that the learner be assessed to be able to properly placed him/her in an appropriate cohort that both of us (learner and Instructor) will succeed. The learner should be comfortable on the group he or she will be placed based on the skills and technical backgrounds. Likewise, Instructors can devise teaching strategies including uses of technical words based on the skills level of the cohort. This will make win win for both.

American Software Testing Institute will assist all students in the cohort to be able to craft their Software Testing Resume. We will provide necessary skills on what key elements and skills needed to put on the resume and how to properly format it.

Yes. American Software Testing Institute will provide Interview Preparation courses including interview practices and mocks. Questions given are industry standard questions that mostly asked in a common interviews.

Yes. We provide job placement assistance to our learners before the completion of the program.

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