Want to learn how to Work Remotely in the Tech Industry without a college background?



  • 51 Lessons

    Absolute Beginner and No Technical Skills Track – Intensive Industry Standard Software Testing Bootcamp

    This course is crafted to target audience that are absolute beginner and no technical skills. If you have no prior college degree, no software development experience, no technical skills, career changer, students, moms, or dads who want to get involved in Software Testing, this course is for you. Intensive Software Testing Bootcamp for Absolute Beginner and No Technical Background. Best Software Testing Courses for Beginners. Real projects, simulations and immersions are included. Plus mock up interviews, Resume writing, job hunting and freelancing will be covered.
  • 50 Lessons

    Career Changer Track – 4 Months Intensive Industry Standard Software Testing Bootcamp

    This course is intended for Career Changers with some college degree and with some technical backgrounds. The curriculum is the same to other Software Testing Bootcamp. However, the delivery and methods of teaching, teaching strategies and languages being used are different from the Absolute Beginner Software Testing Bootcamp Track. This is an intensive 4 Months Evening or Weekend Classes.

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