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Rescheduling Policy

American Software Testing Institute reserves the right to cancel a program or course due to an insufficient number of student enrollments. Likewise, American Software Testing Institute reserves the right to reschedule the bootcamp, training events, and any other lessons.
Below are the options available to the participant or learner when this happens:
• 100% refund if dates and time do not fit into the participant or learner’s schedule.
• The participant or learner can attend a class in the future provided it is the same course or program at his/her convenience on any date of a scheduled bootcamp, training events and other lessons.
If because of force majeure and any other unforeseen circumstance and the participant or learner wishes to reschedule his/her training to a future date, a rescheduling fee is charged as stated below:
• 10% of registration fee will be charged if the rescheduling request is received 8 days prior or more.
• Rescheduling will be subject to slot or seats availability.
• For programs or courses that are longer than 10 weeks, we do not allow rescheduling after the third week.
• In any event, the course or program must be attended within 5 months of the participant or learner’s original sign-up date. No refunds or credit will be given to those who fail to attend the course or program within 5-month period.


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