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American Software Testing Institute provides equality for all to enter in the Tech Industry. We believed that Diversity and Inclusion plays a significant role in any corporate successes. As we help all, minorities, people of color, unemployed, underemployed, women, victims of domestic violence, out of school youth, underserved communities, rural areas, career changers and Native Americans to learn Industry Standard Skills as Software Testers or Quality Analysts, we are offering different forms of partnership opportunities for Businesses and Communities.


We are looking for more allies to provide Internships to our Learners. We provide workforce ready training and coaching, you provide the real-work experience.

Let us give the learner to shine

Most of our Learners and graduates are trained using real-live projects and simulations. They did not just learn theory but the applications of the Industry Standard Skills in Software Testing . Therefore, they are ready to take the next challenge.

Customize Courses

We can help both Government Agencies, NGOs, Communities and Business for any customize trainings you need. We can tailor curriculums to align with your business strategies.

Advantages at your finger tips

We are not just tech trainers, American Software Testing Institute was founded by a former New York City educator who has years of experience in teaching, curriculum design and instructions before he acquired 12 plus years experience as Manual Tester, SDET, QA Lead and now QA Manager.


Let our Learners be your Shadow Partners. They will not just complete the job for you but will help you in the achievements of your Quality Goals.

Quality not Quantity

Bringing our Learners as your apprentice will help you accomplish more than the tasks of entry-level QA can do. They are trained to hammer any applications under test beyond its normal conditions. Exploring, breaking and fixing is embedded on their bloods.

Re-training and Certifications

American Software Testing Institute can help you achieve your corporate goals in upskilling your employees. We can help your team in any QA and Scrum Certification Courses.

Industry Standard Software Testing Skills

We do not teach theory. At American Software Testing Institute our Instructors will teach and train you the up to date Software Testing practices and Tools based on what is actually happening at a workplace.

Hire local. Hire our Graduates

No doubt that everyone can tests any applications. However, the questions lies on Reliability, Validity and Test Coverage. Our graduates are highly skilled in all facets of SDLC and STLC. Hire QA Ninjas.

From Novice to Ninjas

We trained all sorts of Learners and provide them the opportunity to experience best in class Software Testing Training. We made them Software Testing and Quality Assurance Ninjas.

Workforce Development Courses

We help Communities train their fellowmen to be able to have decent high paying tech jobs. We can build talent pipelines for Entry-Level to Mid-Level Software Testers or Quality Analysts.

Workforce Ready Training and Curriculum

If your Communities has Workforce Readiness and Occupational Training needs, we are here to help. We can collaborate and execute your plans in helping our fellowmen get the jobs they deserve.

American Software Testing Institute offers broad array of partnerships. We form an ally. We unite to all individuals, businesses, government agencies and communities to create Workforce Occupational Training.

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We can help you with Existing Employee Training, Back to Work Program, Re-imagine Workforce Program, and Apprenticeship Program.

Are you ready to partner with American Software Testing Institute?

Provide our Learners internship opportunities, get them as your apprentice, hire our graduates, customize a course, volunteer and let us be your Workforce Training partner.

Answering your common questions

We believed in Team Work and Collaborations. We build allies. We have compiled some of the most frequently ask questions about our Allyship. You are our strong Ally.

We unite ourselves to people, businesses, non-for-profit, Government Agencies, and communities who promotes Diversity and Inclusion in Tech Industry and by providing equal opportunities for those underserved and unemployed.

First, call us or email us and we will get back to you the soonest. It is definitely a win-win for both. You will help our Learners achieve their dream to be able to apply the skills their learn in actual workplace. Likewise, they will help you achieve the Quality Goals you have set upon our company.

If you have Workforce Occupational Trainings for Unemployed/Underemployed or any other programs, we can be your Reliable Training Partner. We have decades of experience in Teaching and Training not limited to Tech Industry and Workforce Readiness.

If you are one of the WIOA mandated Career Centers you could help our underemployed or unemployed learners with different support services not limited to:  an initial assessment; job search strategies and assistance; cover letter and resume assistance; interview skills; mock interviews; Job Zone access; referrals for eligible social services; programs for individuals involved in the justice system; immigrant worker programs; assistance to persons with disabilities; and other supports.

Please give us a call or shoot as an email if you want to hire our graduates. We also provide hiring and recruiting services for you to get your Qualified QA.

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